Full occupancy of our German Industry Park (GIP), which is part of Hakusan High-Tech Park in Yokohama/Japan – the place to be for high-tech companies

Vermietung | 27.01.2023

At the beginning of the year, the Münster-based company IONTOF GmbH successfully launched its business entry into Japan with a lease in the GIP. The company Atotech B.V. that occupies around a quarter of the total space committed to the location before the end of the year by signing a new lease for several more years. Follow-up contracts have been concluded with practically all tenants, enabling us to continue our almost full-letting streak in the building. We are very pleased about the growing community in Yokohama! Deka Immobilien’s GIP is simply the ideal location for entering the Japanese market. Companies not only find a promising combination of elegant offices and highly functional production areas here, but also a professional network. Since its construction in 1987, the GIP has developed into one of the leading locations for high-tech companies in Yokohama. More than 50 German and international companies have already successfully launched their market entry in Japan here. Among them are many well-known companies such as BASF, Heidelberg and Leybold - to name but a few - that have settled in the GIP.