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Purpose of the web pages

The information contained on this website is intended solely for information purposes and constitutes neither an investment recommendation nor an offer to buy or sell financial instruments and/or investment fund units, nor does it constitute advice or consultation thereon. Deka Immobilien assumes no liability for the suitability of the presented financial instruments or information for the user of the web pages. The information does not replace any investor- and investment-oriented advisory service or any legal- or tax-related advisory service.

No contractual relationships or other obligations

The website and the information contained therein do not act as a basis for contractual relationships or relationships of any other nature. The use of this website does not establish a contractual or semicontractual relationship between the user and Deka Immobilien. In particular, its use does not establish any contract to provide information or advisory services. The use of the web pages does not lead to any other obligations or responsibilities on the part of Deka Immobilien to the respective user. Deka Immobilien reserves the right to change, suspend or cease the operation of the web pages, including the services, information, features or functions offered on the web pages that are accessible during use of the web pages. Deka Immobilien also reserves the right to limit the use of individual features, functions or services or to restrict access to web pages and presentations or parts thereof without prior notice.

Restrictions on sale and distribution

This website contains information on the products of the management companies Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH and WestInvest Gesellschaft für Investmentfonds mbH. In many countries, the dissemination of the information stated on our website, as well as the offering of financial instruments and/or investment fund units, is impermissible unless the investment fund’s management company has submitted notification to the local supervisory authorities and/or obtained the necessary permission of the competent supervisory authorities. In the absence of such notification and/or authorisation, the information presented on this website should not be construed as an offer to acquire financial instruments or investment fund units. If you are interested in acquiring unit certificates, please contact your adviser at your local savings bank (Sparkasse) or DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale, 60625 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


The users bear sole responsibility for the risks that may arise from the use of this website and its content. The website and the content presented therein are created with the utmost diligence. It is not possible to assume any guarantee or liability for the correctness, completeness and up-to-date nature of the web pages, the presentations and the information contained therein. Likewise, Deka Immobilien makes no promise that the website and/or functions or content of these web pages and presentations are provided completely, without interruption or without error; that errors will be rectified; or that the web pages or the servers on which the web pages are made available, or systems and data associated therewith, are free of viruses or other malicious programs or components. The statements, opinions and information expressed on these web pages are non-binding. Deka Immobilien may change the statements, opinions and information at any time without prior notification. They may deviate from the statements, opinions or information provided by other divisions or companies of the Deka Group.

Information on performance

Information on past or future performance is not a reliable indicator of the future performance of a financial instrument.


Investments in financial instruments are associated with risks. The risks that real estate is typically exposed to can lead to a reduction in real estate values or the regular income received by the fund (e.g. lost rent, occupancy ratio). Liquidity investments and debt-financed real estate are subject to interest rate risk. Investments outside the eurozone are still subject to the residual risk of foreign currency losses even if strategic hedging is used. Applicable statutory periods and the risk of a suspension of redemptions due to insufficient liquidity could adversely affect the opportunities for redeeming units, even though they remain subject to the risk of price changes.

Information from independent sources and links to third-party web pages

Deka Immobilien is unable to verify the correctness, completeness and up-to-date nature of information from third parties or other web pages and is only able to verify the plausibility thereof. The web pages may contain links (hyperlinks) to web pages provided by third parties that are independent of Deka Immobilien. The mere existence of a reference to third-party web pages does not constitute a recommendation or other confirmation by Deka Immobilien regarding the web pages, content or third-party provider in question. The information and content presented on these linked web pages may not necessarily have been authorised or checked by Deka Immobilien and may be changed by the third-party providers at any time. Deka Immobilien assumes the sources and third-party web pages used by it to be reliable, but does not assume any responsibility or liability for content, particularly for the accuracy, correctness, completeness or up-to-date nature of the information provided by third parties. Furthermore, Deka Immobilien assumes no responsibility or liability for the functionality of the linked web pages. Deka Immobilien notes that it is not responsible for the privacy and data protection policies of third-party providers.


The information contained on the web pages is protected by copyright. The information, images, audio files, graphics, illustrations, sketches or charts contained therein may not be shared with third parties, reproduced, distributed or published in part or in whole without the prior express written consent of Deka Immobilien. The right of public reproduction, presentation and performance lies solely with Deka Immobilien. Copyright violations will be subject to persecution.

Mandatory publications

The sole binding basis for purchasing Deka investment funds or certificates is the essential investor information, sales prospectuses and reports for the respective investment funds. You can obtain these documents in German at your savings bank or from DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale, 60625 Frankfurt am Main, and at www.deka.de.

Applicable law

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