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Acquisitions and sales of real estate

Our investment strategy is simple: we find the right real estate for our retail and institutional investors – worldwide. We invest exclusively in properties that meet our strict investment criteria. In our target markets, we focus on key asset classes like office, logistics, hotel and retail properties.

Core real estate with ESG standards: a driver of success

As a core and core plus investor, we focus on high-value, high-yield properties in our domestic market of Germany, as well as in the rest of Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. We also believe that the best way to maximise results for our investors while minimising the impact our properties have on the environment is to start considering sustainability criteria during the acquisition process. Specifically, we subject properties to a standard screening process for ESG criteria during due diligence. That allows us to check factors such as carbon emissions, energy efficiency, physical risks, user comfort and safety, and much more.

From individual investments to complex portfolio deals

Our investment focus lies on office and commercial buildings, logistics properties, hotels and retail locations. In interdisciplinary teams with proven specialists for each type of use and region, we set up individual investments and execute complex portfolio deals for a wide variety of investment concepts – from specialised thematic funds to globally diversified mutual funds.

In rapidly changing global markets, we focus on close monitoring of all market trends so that we can react flexibly to changes at any time. Being close to the market is essential for an experienced and very well-connected real estate investor like us. It is what allows us to actively seize opportunities for our investors and adjust portfolio strategies where necessary in close cooperation with fund management.

Why we focus exclusively on core real estate

  • Constant yields

    Constant yields

    Creditworthy tenants with long-term lease agreements guarantee stable cash flow for our investors throughout the holding period.

  • Low volatility

    Low volatility

    Compared with other risk classes like value-add or opportunistic investments, core properties are associated with a lower risk profile and lower volatility.

  • Location


    The properties are situated in prime locations in established markets that are characterised by liquidity, an increase in value, transparency and legal certainty.

  • Opportunities worldwide

    Opportunities worldwide

    We apply our core approach worldwide. In doing so, we focus on high-value assets and tap into diversification opportunities across national borders, asset classes and industries.

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