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Logistics properties

In the logistics asset class, we have a high-quality international portfolio of properties that are well suited for third-party use in outstanding locations. That makes us one of the most experienced real estate managers in this segment.

We manage high-quality industrial and logistics real estate in all key European distribution markets, with a focus on Germany, the Netherlands, France and the Czech Republic. In addition, we are also steadily expanding our international portfolio. Thanks to constant monitoring of major logistics trends such as smart and sustainable real estate, as well as its experience as a real estate manager in this segment, Deka Immobilien is aware of the changes in this asset class. Technologies such as smart logistics factories – which are based on automation, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), artificial intelligence and intelligent building technology – are gaining importance. At the same time, we are actively committed to ecological aspects by incorporating resource-saving systems, solar panels and sustainable materials into our logistics properties as part of our portfolio management activities or investing in properties that meet our standards.

For many decades now, we’ve been managing logistics properties. After initially focusing on Europe, we’ve started turning our attention to the US as well. There is no getting past logistics properties. The strong growth potential offered by the industry is a key contributor to our portfolios.

Continuous change is a fundamental characteristic of the logistics sector and requires constant reorientation. As an initiator and partner right from the start for the Logix Award, Deka Immobilien is a strong supporter of the Logix Logistics Property Initiative, among other things. Our wealth of expertise is underscored by the variety of fund concepts we offer that invest exclusively in logistics properties.

With a total output of 3,260 kilowatt peak (kWp), the plant will produce up to 2.7 gigawatt hours of green electricity per year – equivalent to the needs of around 700 households. Thanks to efficient building technology, the multi-user centre in Peine with its intelligent LED lighting will only require a small proportion of the electricity generated itself.

With this photovoltaic system – the company’s largest to date – FIEGE covers the logistics centre’s own requirements in the Hanover-Braunschweig-Göttingen-Wolfsburg metropolitan region and can also feed up to 90% of the solar power generated into the public grid at peak times.


There is a lot of green energy in new logistics buildings – in the truest sense of the word. Great strides are being made in the green transformation of the logistics industry. Photovoltaic systems are an important part of energy management. Between 2012 and 2022, around 50 million square metres of new roof area were created in Germany alone, of which around 30 million square metres are suitable for photovoltaic use. Up to 2.5 terawatt hours of solar power could be generated with the appropriate photovoltaic modules. This corresponds to the annual electricity requirements of around 800,000 households, and could save around 960,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is roughly equivalent to the amount captured by 100,000 hectares of mixed forest per year.

This energy-efficient building produces more energy than it consumes. The logistics building possesses one of the largest photovoltaics power units in France, with 32,000 sqm in solar panels on the roof generating an output of up to 6 MWp – enough to power 1,400 French households and save the equivalent of roughly 180 tonnes of CO2 every year. 

The commercial property is also superbly integrated into the regional infrastructure through links to France’s freight corridor, which is served by the A1 and A104 motorways.

The 12-hectare warehouse park in Bierun is situated within a special economic zone and offers a total of 55,000 sqm of warehouse and production space with a clear height of 10 m and a floor loading capacity of 6 t/sqm. The location is conveniently close to the A4 motorway and the S1 expressway, with the nearest airport in Katowice just a 20-minute drive away. In addition, the park has earned BREEAM® In-use certification and has received a “Very Good” rating in the Asset Performance category.

The logistics building spans multiple levels and provides six entrances to meet the needs of a diverse group of tenants. The basement, the mezzanine level and the three upper floors offer plenty of space for a wide range of storage and logistics activities. Twelve standard loading docks and two high-security docks connect the centre to logistics providers. All in all, the new building measures roughly 18,000 sqm and has 128 parking spaces.

Eco-conscious and energy-efficient design is one of the property’s biggest selling points. The building was designed and constructed in line with the Swiss building standard Minergie, one of the highest energy standards for new and modernised low-energy buildings in Switzerland. As a result, the EK2 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as temperature and humidity control systems, in order to ensure the best possible storage conditions. In addition, multiple cargo lifts are on hand to making transporting goods efficient.

Our multi-storage property EK2 in Geneva combines high-end design, optimum functionality and eco-conscious features. Its superb architecture and outstanding location make it the first choice for businesses.

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