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Ratings and awards

Deka Immobilien’s management and funds have regularly been honoured by independent analysts throughout the past years.

Scope affirms AA+ asset management rating for Deka Immobilien

The independent rating agency Scope has once again confirmed the asset management quality of Deka Immobilien in 2024 with a rating of AA+ (AMR).

In its current rating as of June 4, 2024, Scope thus attests to Deka Immobilien's very good quality and high level of expertise in asset management for the 12th time in a row.

Scope Logo with AA plus for outstanding management quality

Outstanding management quality: Scope confirms the outstanding quality and asset management competency at Deka Immobilien in its latest rating.

Scope rating

The rating agency highlighted the outstanding positioning of Deka as a significant player in European investment markets with an extremely broad product range. The rating agency also praised the local presence in international investment markets as very good, with an outstanding level of access to assets and very strong operational asset management performance, as demonstrated by high leasing performance and a very high leasing rate. Deka maintains very high standards in its operational processes, including with regard to risk management. Scope also highlighted the consistent further development of the ESG strategy and a very high certification rate in the portfolio compared to the rest of the sector.

Source: Scope Analysis

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Open-ended real estate funds rating 2024

Logo from Scope rating for open-ended real estate funds

Deka-Immobilien Europa
Mutual funds – large portfolios

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Mutual funds – small portfolios

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WestInvest InterSelect
Mutual funds – large portfolios

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Mutual funds – large portfolios

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Mutual funds – mid-sized portfolios

Our current awards

Deka Immobilien wins three Scope Awards

Deka Immobilien took home three prizes as Best Asset Manager at the 2024 Scope Alternative Investment Awards.

In the category “Retail Real Estate Europe”, Deka Immobilien was once again named Best Asset Manager, just like last year. Deka Immobilien was also awarded the title of Best Asset Manager in the categories “Real Estate Global” and “Real Estate Logistics”.

SCOPE WINNER 2024 Europe
SCOPE WINNER 2024 Global
SCOPE WINNER 2024 Logistic

The triple accolade was accompanied by three other top placings for 2023 in the following categories:

  • Best Asset Manager, Institutional Real Estate Europe
  • Best Asset Manager, Institutional Real Estate Germany
  • Best Asset Manager, ESG Commercial Real Estate

The Scope Awards look back on a long tradition and were presented for the 18th time. They are considered to be the leading honours for fund and asset managers in the German-speaking world. Once a year, they recognise the leading fund concepts as well as outstanding services in fund management and asset management. The assessment criteria include both fund management and the investment process.

Further information on the Scope Awards

Scope Winner 2024

Scope Awards ceremony: triple crown for Deka Immobilien

Award due to extraordinary achievement

Our honours: 22 Scope Awards

Deka Immobilien has won the Scope Awards on a total of 22 occasions, including twice in the Sustainable Portfolios category, eight times in the Best Asset Manager for Global Real Estate Funds for Retail Investors and on eight occasions as Best Asset Manager for European Real Estate Funds, as well Best Asset Manager Real Estate in the category Logistics– an impressive track record.

Scope Awards