Interior view of shopping center with glass roof and stores.

Retail properties

The retail sector is extremely complex and subject to rapid change. The key to the success of both inner-city retail, as well as retail space at large shopping centres or retail parks, is professional, forward-looking and agile management. That is something we can deliver.

Our team of highly qualified retail property specialists has a very keen eye for location- and user-specific requirements, observes trends and has a high level of professional and leasing expertise. We derive value appreciation potential for the respective properties from market developments and the demand for space.

Together with our experienced centre managers, we consistently meet high quality standards for our more than 2,300 tenants. By doing so, we also ensure the long-term attractiveness of our retail locations.

Whitewater Shopping Center in Newbridge

Whitewater Shopping Center, Newbridge

Schloss Arkaden in Braunschweig

Schloss Arkaden, Braunschweig

Mahon Point Shopping Center in Cork

Mahon Point Shopping Center, Cork

As an asset manager with years of experience, we know that creativity, versatility and a spirit of partnership with our tenants make all the difference when it comes to a retail property’s acceptance among customers and tenants alike.

Stefan Leyrer Head of Real Estate Management Retail

The castle and the 30,000-square-metre shopping centre have turned out to be an impressive success story for both the city and its CBD-based retailers. The centre was renovated in 2017 and 2018 to sustainably enhance its appeal by adding a new mix of stores and services that is tailored exactly to the needs of shoppers in the catchment area. Schloss Arkaden offers a wide range of shops, including Elbenwald, Adidas, Swarowski and Depot, as well as trendy new stores with brands like Thomas Sabo, CK underwear, Rituals, Nespresso and Superdry. The centre features a green roof that acts as a natural habitat in the middle of the city.
The green roof provides insulation in winter and protection from heat in summer, helping reduce energy consumption by acting as a natural air conditioning system. The building is also home to popular cultural amenities and public services, such as the local library, the town archives and the castle museum. 

Schloss Arkaden is the product of a lastingly successful partnership between a city, customers and a centre manager.

The dining and entertainment area – which formerly measured around 10,000 square metres – was reopened in 2019, featuring a completely revised, new and contemporary design and some 25 new tenants. Measuring 1,200 sqm, the unique marketplace forms the centrepiece of the new concept and serves as a space for various shows and events, making it a fresh point of interest at the mall. The Kakė Makė children’s area, named after one of the most popular children’s book characters in Lithuania, is bound to be included in any family shopping outing. Culinary diversity is assured by 13 new and trendy eateries and café concepts. 


By expanding the centre to include contemporary dining and entertainment options in particular, we have laid the foundations for the continued success of Akropolis. Architecture, shopping and services make the centre the heart of city life.

Hendrik Höppner Asset Manager

One of the largest inner-city shopping centres in southern Germany, ETTLINGER TOR not only offers an attractive range of goods and services, but also features impressive energy efficiency and an appealing atmosphere. The ongoing optimisation of our portfolio properties is a core element of our success story. As part of those efforts, the Zara store there will be expanded into a modern flagship store by 2025. With a new shop design concept, it will showcase women’s, men’s and children’s fashion in a space of 3,600 sqm. To do so, the spaces on the ground floor and first floor of the centre will be merged with adjacent ones and undergo extensive structural and technical renovation. The grand opening is planned for spring 2025. In addition, a comprehensive restructuring of the tenant mix is scheduled for completion in 2026.


The expansion of the Zara store is a milestone in our long-standing partnership with the Inditex Group and is representative of the ongoing enhancement of the ETTLINGER TOR location.

Peter Kretschmer Asset Manager
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