Deka Immobilien wins three Scope Awards

Awards | 2023-11-16

Deka Immobilien took home three prizes as Best Asset Manager at the 2024 Scope Alternative Investment Awards.

Scope Winner 2024

Scope Awards ceremony: triple crown for Deka Immobilien

In the category “Retail Real Estate Europe”, Deka Immobilien was once again named Best Asset Manager, just like last year. Deka Immobilien was also awarded the title of Best Asset Manager in the categories “Real Estate Global” and “Real Estate Logistics”.

SCOPE WINNER 2024 Europe

According to the judges: The flagship product, Deka-ImmobilienEuropa, achieved the highest return in its peer group. The occupancy rate of just under 95%, which Scope sees as evidence of strong operating management performance, also merits praise.

SCOPE WINNER 2024 Global

According to the judges: As with all three international funds for retail investors, Deka Immobilien has succeeded in positioning itself above the peer group average over the course of the year. Another reason for the victory in the category “Real Estate Global” is the company’s very high transparency, which goes beyond the minimum standards.

SCOPE WINNER 2024 Logistic

According to the judges: Deka Immobilien’s history in the logistics asset class goes back 15 years. In that time, the winner in the category “Real Estate Logistics” has succeeded in growing rapidly and amassing assets of EUR 2.14 billion, assisted by the appealing returns of the funds in this asset segment. The three current products are all outperforming the average for the peer group. In July 2023, Deka Immobilien completed the year’s largest transaction to date in the European logistics market.

The triple accolade was accompanied by three other top placings for 2023 in the following categories:

  • Best Asset Manager, Institutional Real Estate Europe
  • Best Asset Manager, Institutional Real Estate Germany
  • Best Asset Manager, ESG Commercial Real Estate

The Scope Awards look back on a long tradition and were presented for the 18th time. They are considered to be the leading honours for fund and asset managers in the German-speaking world. Once a year, they recognise the leading fund concepts as well as outstanding services in fund management and asset management. The assessment criteria include both fund management and the investment process.

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