New Partnership Agreement between Deka Immobilien and FRETI

Insights | 2023-11-22

Deka Immobilien has signed a network partnership with FRETI, intensifying its commitment to promoting professionals in the real estate industry while actively advancing the theme of diversity both internally and externally.

FRETI is a groundbreaking initiative focused on nurturing highly skilled leaders between the ages of 30 and 40 in the real estate sector, with a particular emphasis on diversity. Through targeted networking, events with industry experts, and substantive support, FRETI aims to facilitate career advancement for young and diverse talents while enhancing their professional visibility.

By becoming a partner, Deka Immobilien not only positions itself in the industry but also within its own company as a champion of diversity. This collaboration grants us access to young, highly skilled talents. Leveraging FRETI's infrastructure allows us to position ourselves as an even more attractive employer effectively. As a corporate partner, we have the opportunity to intensify the implementation of diversity, ultimately positively impacting talent recruitment.

Burkhard Dallosch Managing Director Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH and WestInvest Gesellschaft für Investmentfonds mbH

The partnership with FRETI serves not only external purposes but also as an internal exemplar of Deka Immobilien's significant commitment to diversity and its pioneering role in the real estate industry in this regard.

The inaugural event takes place during the industry event QUO VADIS 2024 in Berlin, alongside renowned signatories such as KMPG, Norton Rose Fulbright, blackprint, assetbird, MOMENI, and nuwo.