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Sustainable together. With good reason.

Sustainability has been an integral part of Deka Immobilien’s business for many years and is reflected in our actions every day. Embedded in the Deka Group’s sustainability strategy, Deka Immobilien has developed its own sustainability strategy based on the “Sustainable together. With good reason.” principle.

As the Deka Group’s real estate specialist, we aim to be one of the leading providers of sustainable open-ended real estate funds. In doing so, we attach great importance to sustainable standards and take our responsibility towards future generations seriously. Our mission as a trustee is also to manage our investors’ funds within an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable business profile.

Mitigating global warming has become one of the most important challenges. With roughly 600 properties, we can make a major contribution towards creating a sustainable environment. That is why we are continuously strengthening our efforts and activities in the area of environmental protection. We mobilise our innovative strength to achieve our sustainability goals: reducing our ecological footprint and attaining climate neutrality by 2050.

Our sustainability strategy as PDF

As a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), we are convinced that including provisions regarding the environment (environmental and climate protection), social commitment and governance (responsible corporate governance) – in short: ESG – contributes to positive long-term value for our customers. Our actions are guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030, and we align our measures with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.


Let us show you how we, the Deka Group’s real estate specialists, are working towards our sustainability goals.

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We treat each other in a fair and respectful manner – regardless of hierarchy.

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We are open to constructive criticism and treat each other with respect and the willingness to change.

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We communicate in an open and clear way with our customers and employees.

We implement these values in everyday life through the following measures:


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    Sustainable human resources management

    As an employer, Deka offers a wide range of options when it comes to supporting and retaining employees, helping them to create a positive work-life balance through part-time models, opportunity to work from home, nursery and kindergarten places and fitness offerings. Our Employee Assistance Programme, which supports our employees in the event of unexpected changes in their environment, is just one example. Another option that has been created since 2019 is bicycle leasing, which allows us to actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our business operations and promote the health of our employees through exercise.

    Find out more about Deka as an employer here.

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    Social responsibility

    Social responsibility is a subject that is particularly close to our hearts at Deka and is something that we promote through numerous activities and projects. The International Highrise Award, the House of Finance endowed professorship for Sustainable Asset Management, support for the Arche Frankfurt, the Deka – Engagiert vor Ort campaign, the Rest Cent campaign, DekaBank’s art collection partnering with the Museum of Modern Art (MMK) and sponsoring the National Youth Orchestra are just a few examples of how the Deka Group is involved. We intend to expand our commitment in the future and continue to support numerous social projects.

    Find out more about our social responsibility here.

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    Building and transferring sustainability expertise

    We foster the continuous development and transfer of knowledge and experience on sustainability-related issues and possible solutions through our active involvement in the activities of associations and intensive dialogue within the industry.

    Through our active involvement in the German Investment Funds Association (BVI) and the German Property Federation (ZIA) and the close dialogue we maintain with experts, we aim to broaden our knowledge and develop and help to share binding standards. This allows us to utilise our expertise to answer complex issues in the interests of market stakeholders. Innovative methods and measures (such as energy-efficient plant technology, sensor technology, energy and environmental management systems, ecological and resource-saving building materials) are particularly relevant here, with their viability being analysed and evaluated continuously. Our fundamental goal is to increase the understanding of sustainability as a relevant topic for the real estate sector. We also get involved in conferences as speakers and contribute to industry studies.